VMworld (Day 1) Friday 28 August

This year I’m going to document my activities during VMworld to try to capture what goes on and why attending this event is important to me for many different reasons…

Day 1 was a short day for me today, I flew from LHR to SFO which was an 11 hour flight, I landed about 5pm arrived via Uber at the airbnb apartment, which is close to 2nd Street and about 10 minutes walk from Moscone, I’m already getting a feel for the amount of walking I’ll be doing this week!

I met up with some of the AussievMafia and we went to the Golden Gate Tap Room near union square and had some food/drinks.

It was great to hang out with some people and talk about VCDX (obviously an important topic for me at the moment) with both @ymmit85 and @NickBowieNZ (VCDX#202), it was great to see a few faces I hadn’t seen in awhile and relax into my arrival in San Francisco.

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