Craig Currently works for Pure Storage as a Senior Product Manager focusing on FlashStack and Cisco Solutions based in Melbourne, Australia.

Craig has over 20 years experience in the ICT industry and has worked in the Customer, Integrator and Vendor spaces.

Craig specialises on Data Centre technologies across Compute, Networking and Storage Infrastructure with a focus on Virtualisation, Containerisation and Automation/Orchestration.

Craig has been building cloud-based management & automated deployment tools and leveraging his deep architectural experience to help customers/partners deploy and operationally manage infrastructure.

Craig has enabled previous clients to gain business agility by reducing infrastructure complexity through aggressive virtualisation initiatives. Building on this technology foundation has enabled  the design and implementation of business resilience programs incorporating full disaster recovery solutions.

Craig is currently a steering committee member of the Silicon Valley VMware User Group and has a history of community engagement through leading the VMware User Group (VMUG) and OpenStack User Groups based in Melbourne, Australia.  He’s a strong advocate of continually contributing to technical communities and raising awareness both locally and globally.  This has been demonstrated in his involvement with vBrownbag, vTrailmap and various podcasts including TechVillage, OpenTechCast, We the Sales Engineers, Virtually Speaking, DiscoPosse, TheGeekWhisperers, ThePureReport, and vCatchup.

Craig was recognised globally with the inaugural 2011 VMUG Leader Awards – President’s Award.

Craig has been designated a vExpert annually since 2012 in recognition of his contribution to the VMware, virtualisation, and cloud computing communities.

Craig has been designated as a Cisco Champion annually since 2016 in recognition for his contribution to the Cisco Data Centre community.

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