Pre-VMworld Update (all the VMUGs, VCDXs and VMworlds)

Its been quite awhile since I last blogged (as is usually the way with me), so I wanted to start a new rhythm of blogging and I thought the best way to kick this off was to provide a kind of ‘update’ as to what’s been going on for me and also to start off my recording of events as an attendee of VMworld 2015.


So as to what I’ve been doing since my last post, well I’ve been doing some travelling over the last few months, I’ve been presenting at quiet a few VMUG’s including being a sponsor of the VMUG I co-lead which provided a very different perspective of the event compared to my normal experience.

It’s been a learning experience being on the ‘other side’ of organising a VMUG meeting and I’ve discovered an appreciation of what it’s like to sponsor these events. Having presented at the Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Auckland and Melbourne VMUGs, it’s been a pleasure meeting the leaders that organise these events and it was particular satisfying seeing the progress of the Auckland VMUG after being a main influencer of this chapter starting and providing the leadership team insight into how to get going and what logistics they need to consider as part of the process of delivering a new VMUG chapter (honestly, it’s like a baby in many respects!).

Here’s my Melbourne VMUG presentation (thanks to @jpwarren for filming), it was a great experience represent a sponsor at the VMUG I co-lead (for >5 years now):


Next up I’ve managed to submit my VCDX and eagerly await the verdict on if it’s enough to permit me to defend my design, I elected to defend in Singapore in October, I hear that the feedback is provided in about 2 weeks (a week after VMworld) so I’ll be sure to update anyone who’s interested on my progress.

A lot of people have recommended that I dive straight into planning for defence, but luckily (or not as the case may be) I’ve a break to this onslaught (all reports are correct, it has been by the way!) via the opportunity in attending VMworld prior to this preparation, so I’m going to use this time to relax (kinda) and focus on the event and the chance to rub shoulders with our industry community.

To give you some perspective on the effort in submitting VCDX, I was fortunate to get an upgrade to business class for an Emirates flight (they are the best BTW, my kind of philosophy – if we have empty business class seats, we will fill them [rant] take note all other lesser airlines, I’m talking about you Qantas/British Airways [/rant]. This meant I was able to finalise my design and submit it at 35,000 feet above sea level (a first perhaps?).


So on to the activities at VMworld, I land on Friday 28th August in the evening and will be there all the way though until Thursday 3rd September. My intention (like last year) is to provide daily coverage and opinion on the event along with announcements and some of the activities I’ll be involved with. I’ll be trying to participate in the following activities and will report on how effective I am in these efforts: –

Oh, and I’m staying at an AirBnB loft apartment this time instead of a hotel so we’ll see how that goes… So in no particular order I’ll be Attending/Presenting:

  • VMware Technical Sessions (yeah right…)
  • VCDX bootcamp (I’m unsure about this as I’m not 100% on the value of this)
  • Partner Exchange (including a VMware Horizon deep dive)
  • Opening Acts and VMUnderground (looking forward to meeting the vWeeps)
  • PureStorage Booth #1621 every day (Sun 4-7pm, Mon 12-3pm, Tues 11-3pm, Wed 2-5pm)
  • vBrownBag TechTalks sessions (Anatomy of an SSD, Monday 2:30pm and BYOUG build your own user group, Tuesday 2:30pm at the Hangspace)
  • VMUG Leader Reception and Lunch, I’ll also be at the VMUG Lounge on level 2 Moscone West (Mon 4-6pm, Tuesday (4-6pm)
  • vExpert Party (Great time to mix with all the vExperts)
  • There’s also the usual drinks/food events like Veeam, VMTurbo, SW defined Storage, Zerto, vGravity, vBeers, vBreakfast, UNparty, vBacon, VMware APJ Reception the list goes on…

Final Word

When I’m not doing the above I’ll either be at the Solutions Exchange checking out the new and exciting technologies showcased on the periphery booths, or I’ll be around the Bloggers Table/vBrownBag theatre in the Hang Space!

I’d like to ask one thing of everyone attending the event, if you do see me then PLEASE come over and say ‘hi’, let’s have a chat! I’d love to hear your opinions on the event/our industry and really for me this kind of interaction with people is really the main reason I attend VMworld. I absolutely love meeting people, people I know, people I feel like I know because I’ve interacted with them on twitter – don’t forget, say ‘Hi’!

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