vCatchup with… Rene Van Den Bedem

This next vCatchup is Rene Van Den Bedem who is based in the middle east and who I met for the first time at VMworld US this year.  You may know Rene as @VCDX133, who also blogs on

As per previous posts, I want to do more vCatchups and open them out to a wider community! In an effort to do this I’m no longer limiting myself to live one-to-one catchups (althought I’ll still do these) by adding more ways to vCatchup via Hangouts, Skype sessions etc! If you would you like to come on the vCatchup and talk about technology, let me know?

Enjoy the conversation and please provide some feedback!

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MP4 (Video)

Here’s a list of the questions we covered: –

  1. Can you start-off by telling us a bit about what your current role as Chief Architect for a Telco and what projects you are currently working on?

  2. Your background is very network focused, how did you find moving into virtualisation, specifically (Compute & Storage)

  3. VCDX#133, since achieving this certification you’ve been focusing on community payback which is great, can you share with us your experiences of this journey, where you are today and where you what to go?

  4. Let’s talk about FLASH, I think this is THE biggest disruptor in Storage today, everyone knows storage is the bottleneck of the data centre, but how do you think mass adoption will change the way we architect data centres of the future?

  5. Tell us about your home lab, how do you ‘get your hands on the tools’?

  6. I noticed that you’ve worked in various industries including Finance, Academia, Vendor, Telecommunications, what do you see as being the biggest differences between these industries and what have you learnt from this diverse exposure to working environments?

3 responses to “vCatchup with… Rene Van Den Bedem

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  2. Please excuse my bout of coughing during the podcast, I was recovering from a cold (Craig edited out as much as he could) and forgive my mistake of mentioning terabytes instead of gigabytes when talking about Microsoft Exchange Online.


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