vCatchup with… John Hayes

As part of my last trip to the US to attend G33k Council I had the chance to interview Pure Storage’s other company founder, John Hayes.

This is a bit of a departure from my normal subject matter,  originally I focused on established names in the virtualisation community for vCatchup (specifically ones visiting my home country, Australia), with the purpose of raising the community profile locally by participating in the virtualisation community globally.  While this has worked well in the past, I think it’s time to open this out to a wider community!

Enjoy the conversation and please provide some feedback!

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Here’s the list of questions we covered: –

  1. Can you start-off by telling us a bit about what your role is at Pure Storage and what being a founder actually involves?
  2. What’s it like building a storage start-up and how does it compare with working for a large vendor like Yahoo?

  3. What technology problem did you set out to solve when you established Pure Storage?

  4. Let’s talk about FLASH, I think this is THE biggest disruptor in Storage today, everyone knows storage is the bottleneck of the data centre, but how do you think mass adoption will change the way we architect data centres of the future?

  5. Tell us about your home lab, how do you ‘get your hands on the tools’?

  6. I noticed that you previously worked at Yahoo, what do you see as being the biggest innovation they contributed to the technology industry?

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