Melbourne VMUG 2016 UserCon Wrapup

While it’s still clear in my mind I just wanted to reflect on some of the activities that happened at the event along with some observations and of course thanks!

Melbourne skyline

The morning started well with the foyer looking fantastic at the new venue, we’re really happy about the move from Pullman nee Hilton on the Park to Crown Promenade, not only is it a more central location, but it’s also right in the heart of southbank which is arguably one of the best locations in Melbourne.


Myself and Tyson presented the VMUG update before Brad Tomkins (@VMUG_CEO) talked about VMUG Advantage which includes EVALExperience and makes it worth the cost.



Next up we had Nathan Wheat (@wheatcloud) from VMware present an update, up until recently Nathan was the VMware liaison for the user group, and the longest standing member of the steering committee.  Nathan recently made a career change and we thank him for his involvement with #MVMUG and wish him luck in his future endeavours (his contribution is what made #MVMUG stand out IMHO!).


P.S. there’s me periscoping from my phone live on the main stage 🙂

We asked Keith Townsend (@CTOAdvisor) to present the morning Keynote – ‘Adding a Business Skill to your Toolbelt’ there was a lot of post event blogs and tweets that picked up on the call to ‘change or die’ in our current industry.

While previous presentations with other independent presenters like John Troyer (@jtroyer) focused on Automation and Cloud as influencers in the call to refocus technical skillset, Keith’s presentation was much more focused on bringing Business Skills to the table and offered some options on how you can ‘get involved’ in the business you work in.

I think this is a good example of where IT pros have to get more involved  in the Business and better understand why they need IT and how they can enable the business to be more agile with their technology, there are a lot of changing forces in the market and with cloud looking more attractive it’s going to be up to internal IT to market themselves better in their organisation and change their image of being a ‘roadblock’ to business decisions.


Here’s a recording of the presentation for your review, as always I’d be interested in your opinion on what Keith is sharing?

We then had the first of several breaks throughout the day which give delagates time to mingle with sponsors and see what technology solutions are in the market, I always think this is a great opportunity to see a wide selection of technologies all under the one roof!

We also had some great twitter engagement this year with lots of comments, feedback and good wishes, check out #MVMUG for more details!


This year to try and increase the amount of community content (along with not forcing delegates to choose between parallel sessions in a single community block) we decided to include community session during the breaks.  Enter vBrownBag (@vBrownBag) with Alastair Cooke (@Demitassenz) at the helm to deliver community content at the event, here’s a link to the 2016 #vBrownBag at Australian VMUG UserCon playlist:

one of the seesions which I’d reccomend is Keith and Scott’s ‘Giving your career the 1, 2 punch’ which was standing room only (literally!).  This again provides insight into what is top of mind for delegates (career) and show us that these are the types of topics we need to cover at this event.


I’d also like to mention Simon Sharwood’s (@ssharwood) presentation (which is also included in the above vBrownBag playlist), for me this was one of the most insightful and funny presentations of the day 🙂


Throughout the day we had some great VMware Sessions, I’d like to call out 2 which really caught my eye, first was an old friend of the #MVMUG Anthony Burke (@pandom_) who presented ‘a guide to micro segmentation with log insight’ which was based on a real world use-case for NSX with Log insight.


I’d also like to mention a friend of mine, Manny Sidhu (@MannySidhu2) who co-presented a customer case study on vRealize Log Insight with Adam Singleton (@adamgsingleton).


We had some great community sessions this year including Chris Wahl (@chriswahlPicking Up New Skills – Tips and Tricks to Build Your Technical Tool Chest, Brad Tompkins (@VMUG_CEO) The Power of the Community – Open Conversation about VMUG, VMware and the Digital Business Landscape and Justin Warren (@jpwarren) who’s session was particularly interesting, you can see a recording of his presentation The Price is Wrong: Why Projects Run Late, and People Buy Cloud at TECH.unplugged:



The day’s content came to an end with the closing Keynote from a regular to the event Scott Lowe (@Scott_loweThe Future of Network virtualisation with VMware NSX where Scott revealed some of the future capabilities for NSX.


We then went onto the Prizes which included some awesome gifts from sponsors and the VMUG, there were some lucky winners of Surface Pro 4’s, SSD’s, Synology NAS, UE Boom speakers, gopro cameras and many more!  Again, thanks to all the sponsors for participating in the UserCon!

With the giveaways finished we moved onto vBeers sponsored by the vCloud Air team which was hosted at the BoatBuilders Yard, I’d like to finish this post with a few pictures of the venue:


Thanks to everyone who participated in the event, it’s great to see familiar faces support the user group!  Check out future events at the Melbourne VMUG homepage: and see you at the next quarterly meeting!

Here’s a link to all the content delivered on the day, this should increase over the coming weeks as we collate content!

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