vCatchup with… John Mark Troyer

This vCatchup is with the John Mark Troyer (@jtroyer) who ran the communities for VMware, created the VMTN community roundtable podcast, is part in the GeekWhispers podcast and more recently has started the TechReckoning newsletter.  John was recently in Australia as a Keynote speaker for the Melbourne & Sydney VMUG UserCon and while I wasn’t able to interview him during the event I managed to sneak this catchup in afterwards.

As per previous posts, I want to do more vCatchups and open them out to a wider community! In an effort to do this I’m no longer limiting myself to face-to-face catchups (although I’ll still do these where possible!) I’m adding more ways to vCatchup via Hangouts, Skype sessions etc! If you would like to come on the vCatchup and talk about technology, let me know?

Enjoy the conversation and please provide feedback!

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Here’s a list of the questions we covered: –

  1. Can you start-off by telling us a bit about what your current role as Chief Tech Reckoner consists of and what projects you are currently working on? (maybe even go into what it’s about and where you wish to take it?)

  2. Your background is pretty varied from the sciences, wireless developer to startup consulting… how the heck did you end up being a communities and social media specialist for VMware?

  3. How did GeekWhispers come about and have you seen a change in marketing practices in technology focused organisations?

  4. Let’s talk about FLASH, I think this is THE biggest disruptor in Storage today, everyone knows storage is the bottleneck of the data centre, but how do you think mass adoption will change the way we architect data centres of the future?

  5. Tell us about your home lab, how do you ‘get your hands on the tools’?

  6. You’ve kind of gone the reverse of most people in the industry and instead of being snapped up by a vendor – you’ve actually gone the opposite way and left a vendor to go independent, can you share any advice/tips on how people can remain independent in this industry?

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