Singapore VMUG User Conference

e8a5bc2acfd04eb3dfc1479f3cab8d1aJust a quick note about the Singapore VMUG User Conference, this is the regions first VMUG all day event which is a fantastic achievement, its on this Friday 23 January 2015 and you can register for the event here: Singapore VMUG User Conference.

I’ll also be attending the event and have been asked to present a community session, which for me is a really exciting prospect.

I’ve been leading the Melbourne VMUG for some time now (we’re also currently planning our Melbourne VMUG User Conference) so to get the chance to attend someone else’s event is just great 🙂  Not being involved in the logistics of organising speakers, VMware sessions, sponsors and community presenters along with venues, marketing, steering committee meetings, deciding on length of sessions, how many breaks, how many keynotes, you get the gist. Lots of decisions…

There’s a great lineup of community speakers, with Keynotes from Scott Lowe (@scott_lowe) and Scott Drummonds (@drummonds) who have both previously been featured on vCatchup. You can review who else is presenting along with the agenda here: Singapore VMUG UC Agenda.

A big shout out to Benjamin Troch (@virtualB_me) who is the VMUG leader in Singapore, great work on your first User Conference!

My community session topic I’m presenting is: – Career Development through Community… One Individual’s Tale

In this presentation I will chart a wide ranging career from Helpdesk to Architect and everywhere inbetween, SMB to Corporation, Contractor to Consultant, I’ll share my industry experiences, how Community projected my career far beyond my expectations… And how you can use do the same for your career by following some simple rules.

The Idea is to take the audience on a journey and show how community has influenced what I’ve done and what impact that’s had on my career path and choices, should be a lot of fun!

If you’re attending, come over and say hi, there’s nothing more I like than to meet new people at events (especially VMUGs) 🙂

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