VMware Sydney vForum – Day 2 Notes

There was a lot of content presented today along with some product demonstrations which are always hard to capture live, so I’ve decided to present these day 2 keynote session notes as a post.

There’s some interesting details here about VMware’s messaging, I continue to like how VMware make this an AND statement, not forgetting where a lot of us are today with our Infrastructure journey and how we navigate the many solution choices we have today.

Its always good to have options, but even with options we still need guidance on selection and direction.



The world is changing…

VMware again coined this new phrase ‘Software Defined Enterprise’

Paul Strong went on to explain that content during Day 1 of these events is typically about ‘announcements’ where as Day 2 is all about demonstrating technology and value.

Delivering the power of AND again All about the applications.

VMware’s Mission revolves around 3 main areas: –

1. Software Defined Data Center
2. Hybrid Cloud – choice of where you run the applications – all about where the data sits
3. End User Computing – access and consume applications anytime any place…

– vSphere 5.5 removed a lot of latency and jitter
– vSphere 6.0 Beta long distance vMotion

– VSAN – early days still a 1.0 product
– vVolumes in beta.

– NSX – 6.1 generally available 250+ customers
– Micro segmentation for security.

– vRealize suite
– #1 cloud systems management (IDC)
– #1 dc automation software (IDC).

– Desktone
– Horizon DaaS
– AirWatch
– CloudVolumes.

vCloud Air momentum with a total of 3900 partners worldwide


Architecture for Today AND Tomorrow
-VMware EVO
-EVO:Rail 4 node 100 Server vMs, 250 Desktops 15 mins to deploy
– Zero downtime rotate across 4 nodes
– scales to 4 blocks (16 nodes)
– HTML 5 interface
– Contains vSphere & Virtual SAN
– NSX & vCloud suite
– Zero to 2 hours DC Scale, Lifecycle management
-VMware integrated OpenStack
– now in beta
– VMware contributes to Neutron, Nova, Glance/Cinder, Horizon with over 70,000 lines of code by a team of dedicated developers
– VMware are going open
– running on vSphere/VSAN/NSX integrating management (orchestration, chargeback etc) into OpenStack
– All supported by VMware.

Applications both Traditional and Cloud-Native
– vSphere 6 Beta FT for up to 4 CPUs
– Application mobility cross vCenter / long distance vMotion.

Containers without Compromise
– Persistence, network & security and resource management
– VM abstracts OS, Container abstracts App within OS
– Docker & Google Kubernetes integration.

One platform for any Application
– VMware / Openstack / Cloud Froundry / open container APIs

vRealize Suite
– Automation
– Operations
– Business

Not just the VMware stack anymore: – heterogenous, multi cloud, multi stack management platform.

Cloud Operations used to just do compute, but has been expanded to unified management including compute, cloud, network, traditional, 8 x more capacity, rewritten.

– Infrastructure
– Application
– Custom services.

– Full self service portal
– Policy Based
– Resource Management.


vRealize Air Automation / Compliance
– Make sure your public cloud is compliant
– Management as a service for consumption.

vRealize Code Stream
– Software development lifecycle streamline & automate, governance & visibility, push software releases rapidly & reliably – DevOps?

Bruce Davie then came on stage to talk about NSX

What is SDDC?

Intelligence in software, operational model for VM in Data Centre automate, manage & configure in software not hardware.

SDDC is approach of all large scale cloud companies

VMware provides the platform to allow you to run both traditional and cloud-native apps.

NSX – provides network function in software ‘network hypervisor’ – allows you to create virtual networks in software like VMs

Utilises vSwitch with a highly distributed control plane allowing you to programatically create virtual networks.

NSX adoption use-cases are typically due to security features and micro segmentation.


1. Speed of deployment
2. Economics – OPEX efficiency with CAPEX gains
3. Security

Egg shell analogy – Protected perimeter outer shell but once inside there is no internal protection – a problem that secure micro-segmentation in the data centre can solve using NSX.





Simone Brunozzi came onstage to talk about vCloud Air

vCloud Air = hybrid cloud platform
Same management tools regardless of if app is on-premises or off-premises.

Demoed vRealize Operations (vCOps) with vCloud Air & NSX integration

Demoed IT Business Management suite showing cost comparison between Private and several Public Cloud offerings (vCloud Air, AWS & Azure)

Demoed vSphere Cloud Connect
-Extending vCloud Air L2 Network from on-premises to internet
-Copy application to vCloud Air select VDC, Storage profile, Network mapping.
-Created cloud instance of VM while maintaining network security via firewall rules on VDC
-Finished by showing same firewall Rules in vCloud Air VDC instance.

Demoed DRaaS
– Configure VM Replication on a VM new second option to replicate to a cloud provider
– Replication type, storage policy (option to seed – ship disks), Guest OS quiesing,
– Set RPO for VM (max 15 mins).


Kit Colburt came onstage to talk about EUC

EUC landscape is changing no longer a 1 device world, applications are changing
Secure virtual workspace for work at the speed of life…

– Desktop
– Mobile
– Content

Workspace services Social, Identity, Gateway and catalogue. All underpinned by SDDC.

Unified VDI & app Publishing
Desktops as a service – Desktone
Real-time app delivery – CloudVolumes
Rich user experience – beautiful, ‘delicious’ even!

Announce Horizon FLEX – offline desktop
Mobility – acquired AirWatch along with 15,000 customers
Content collaboration – secure content locker glue to connect all backend repositories dropbox etc

Example usecase with United Airlines pilots handbook, with AirWatch united removed paper and moved to iPads with secure content locker – administrator pushes changes to manual over internet to device.

VMware Workspace suite Horizon/AirWatch/Content locker with workspace portal

Mobile Cloud Architecture – Define centrally, implement locally.

Demoed healthcare scenario
– Single portal to applications with App Store
– Starts at office logs into laptop, then grabs iPad and heads to ward (same apps)
one click no authentication
– Badge onto thin client in patient room showing 3D high res pictures
– How to share info with security upload doc to secure content locker

IT management problem is proliferation of devices – how to manage at scale, application management has been solved from mobile side with AirWatch
What about Desktop management? enter CloudVolumes.

Demoed deploying application to desktop using CloudVolumes
Powerful for deployment, then goes on to assign 216 apps, deployed at the same time as 1 app.

Project Fargo (VMFork) Deploy VMs up to 30X faster
Clones an existing running VM AKA very quick deployment – very light weight as it shares running VMs resources.

Demoed Fargo with CloudVolumes
Desktop being cloned using fargo, then application installed using CloudVolumes, VM is just a temporary vehicle to deliver desktop to end user (Just in time desktop).









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