VMworld 2014 US – My thoughts on Day 2

Here’s my rushed day 2 round-up of the VMworld announcements, unfortunately the messaging was a bit more general than yesterday (at least that’s my story, while I’ve committed to keeping you all up to date, I’ve still to deliver on that promise).

So today was mainly about: –

More premise (lets double down on premise) Sorry I mean…


  • The power of & (and) = VMware & Partners, Private & Public or On-premises & Off-premises (there, see it can be done)
  • EUC – Real time app delivery / Google, NVIDIA & VMware partnership – 3D graphics on Chromebooks.
  • Mobile Cloud Architecture – great health care demo using horizon, workspace, airwatch (including a new file sharing product, what happened to octopuss?) on tablet / thin client or laptop – The demo included a preview of CloudVolumes (which looked a lot like airwatch from a UI perspective, so will be easier for VMware to integrate) showing workspace integration on desktop).  218 applications were deployed while making this presentation (and no lives were lost),  pretty much immediately.
  • Project Fargo or VMFork – basically it’s a clone of a workstation in seconds, with deployed applications on top via cloudvolumes, which is then destroyed when finished AKA a disposable or ‘Just in time’ desktop.

As for SDDC – well, YOU are now team SDDC (sign up, we’re going to war!)  Here’s some figures VMware mentioned: –

  • VSAN = 300+ customers (40+ VSAN ready node partners)
  • NSX = 150+ customers (only 1yr since GA)
  • vRealize suite = #1 platform in industry, is this really a better name than CAC?


  • Hyper-converged… i think I already covered this yesterday…
  • OpenStack on VMware – A full suite integration – ‘Best way to run openstack is on VMware’…



IMG_3150 I seem to have a lot of pictures about this, I guess this really did peak my interest anyway…

We then jumped into features specifically around vSphere: –

  • Fault Tolerance – SMP support for up to 4vCPUs (awesome)! Configured from the interface or via an API – Finally!
  • vMotion – across vCenter’s & Long Distance (layer 3 perhaps)?

And finished on Docker containers integration or ‘containers without compromise’ 🙂

IMG_3152 The bloggers table looked like a warzone of stickers today…

I’ll leave with this last comment from the vExpert/VCDX community party tonight, @rbudavari became VCIX #1 which is (in my opinion anyway) the highest accolade that can be given to this guy for all his work at VMware NSX (he’s an Ozzie & should be followed immediately on twitter, right now!).

Also a shout out to @vcdx001 (Here’s a picture of Elastic Sky’s last performance) who announced that he’s moving to EMC, congrats John, thanks for all your help promoting the VCDX program (and where was Mark Brunstead anyway?).


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