2014 Melbourne VMUG User Conference ‘Call for Community Sessions’

vmug bannerIt’s User Conference season again here in Australia!

Firstly, if you are intending to attend one of our User Conferences PLEASE register your interest, this helps us with planning the content and agenda (and also helps us select keynote speakers), you can register your interest here:

Melbourne VMUG User Conference – Tuesday 4th February 2014
Sydney VMUG User Conference – Thursday 6th February 2014

We’re in the middle of putting together content for the 2014 Melbourne VMUG User Conference (Tuesday 4th February 2014) and wanted to announce aCall for Community Sessions.

We wanted to repeat the highly successful community stream of presentations (not Sponsor or VMware sessions) that we started at last years conference, these will be presented by community members and give an opportunity for someone to present on a topic of their choice, independently.

Would you like industry recognition, the opportunity to present to a prequalified group of individuals and raise your profile in the community?  If so please complete the form below and register your interest.  Please feel free to forward this post onto any colleagues you think would be interested in participating.

Thanks in advance for all your support!

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