vExpert 2013 Awardee


Just a quick post to thank everyone at VMware and in our greater community for being awarded vExpert status for the second time (2012 and now 2013).

Whether, you’re based in Australia, US or EMEA, I thank you for your friendship! What’s particularly good is I no longer feel alone in our industry, from being a big fish in a small pond I’ve been able to move beyond internal IT to meet Vendors, Integrators and Customers through VMUG, blogging, connecting with people through twitter and LinkedIn and finally my move from from the customer space to a vendor like Nutanix (yay!).

The community created around virtualisation is just amazing and I’m honoured to be a part of it, there’s been some big changes in our industry in recent times with Cloud, Data Analytics, Virtualisation of the Data Centre (with Compute, Network and Storage convergence) and the changes in how we manage and operate IT infrastructure.

I believe we are all part of an amazingly dynamic industry and that each of our individual contributions make these current times the most exciting! It’s a great era for IT at the moment.

I’m looking forward to 2013/14 and all that comes with it (bring it on I say!). I also look forward to more interactions with the many colourful characters in this community.

If you see me during your adventures please do not hesitate to introduce yourself, there’s nothing I like more than meeting new people 🙂

Thanks for reading this, Craig.

2 responses to “vExpert 2013 Awardee

  1. Congrats Craig. Your a credit to the VMUG and wider virtualisation community and your behind the scenes contributions may sometimes go unnoticed, but I can assure you your efforts are are appreciated.

    Thanks again for all your efforts running the MVUMG and keep up the great work!


  2. Thanks Josh, appreciate the kind words, congrats to you also, great to see you stepping up your support of the VMUG and local community!


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