vCatchup with… Chad Sakac

My next vCatchup of 2013, is with a very special guest Chad Sakac @sakacc who is the VP, Global SE at EMC and is responsible for blog.

I’d like to thank Chad for taking time out of his busy schedule (I think he only had one day in Melbourne) and agreeing to record this vCatchup.

What is vCatchup?

vCatchup is basically an interview where two people get together and chew the fat about what’s current in the industry, what’s going on in the community and where things appear to be going.  I try and set 5/6 questions to give a framework to the interview.

While the 2012 vCatchup’s we a look back on what had happened in 2012, the 2013 interviews are very much about looking forward and cover topics like predictions, Software Defined Networking and VMUG User Conferences (this was filmed at the Melbourne VMUG User Conference on 07/02/2013).

With the vCatchup it is my intention to seek the opportunity to interview a wide range of people from well know international guests to locals who have already began establishing a community presence for themselves.

This is kind of a disclaimer, as these interviews are the beginning of a journey / introductory attempt for me at interviewing. I have previously been the interviewee on a few Chinwags but not a one-on-one interviewer, my only other experience as an interviewer has been hosting the APACVirtual podcast, so please join me on this road (I’ll get better, I promise).

Enjoy the conversation and please provide some feedback!

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Here’s the list of the questions we discussed:

  1. What brings you to the Melbourne, Australia and how do we compared to other countries when it comes to virtualisation/storage?
  2. How do you support your local VMUG and what commitments do you have in store for the virtualisation community in 2013?
  3. What do you think 2013 has in store from a tech perspective, what would you like to see (any predictions perhaps)?
  4. Software Defined Networking (I think this will be a big topic in 2013) – VMware have announced what they’re doing with the Nicera acquisition in the form of NSX – they’ve put together a dream team including Brad Headlund and Scott Lowe – how do you think it’s going to change the virtualisation industry and more importantly how do you think it will impact storage?
  5. Tell us about your home lab, do you ‘get your hands on the tools’?
  6. Tell us about flash disruption + converged architectures, what are EMC working on and how do you see converged storage architectures impact on the market (especially around new DAS technologies)?

Thanks for viewing/listening to this series of interviews, and don’t forget, please spread the good word of the vCatchup!

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