Infrastructure Chinwag with Mike Laverick

So guess what, my Operational Support Structures and Cross Skilling blog post did generate some interest. 🙂

I’ve been fortunate enough to get the chance to discuss the topic further with the one and only @mike_laverick .

Take a look at Mike’s blog for more details here and you can watch our chinwag via youtube now:

You can also subscribe to Mike’s iTunes Audio and Video Podcasts or listen to the podcast/see the video in raw format here:

iTunes: Audio | Video

Raw: MP3 | M4V (iPad/iPhone)

I also wanted to include the questions we talked about:

Q1. So Craig I was reading your blog – and mentioned the place your working undertook a radical re-infrastructure. But before you tell us about that – can you tell us what was so frustrating about the situation before the changes?

Q2. Okay, so much for technology, people and process – can you outline in a real practical sense an example of one of “bottlenecks” that the org used to face?

Q3. So the business restructured the IT – tells us the good, the bad and ugly… it can’t of all been wine & roses?

Q4. You talk about some folks NOT been able to handle change. Like you I like change – but why do you think in the world of IT there are some folks who don’t?

Q5. You name check virtualization taking on compute, network & storage – that sounds to me like the whole “software-defined datacenter” idea. What’s your take on this concept? Your org has been quite radical in both addressing the technology and organisational challenges – can you have the SDD without addressing the structure of how IT professionals work. Can you have your cake & eat it? Have the SDD without changing the organisation?

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