Just getting ready for my second trip to Pure//Accelerate and I thought I’d blog about what I’ll be up to this time. I was luck enough to attend our inaugural event last year and a lot has happened since the last one, in terms of both how the industry has changed and also how much Pure Storage has changed.

This year my involvement has increased significantly, I’m presenting several Breakout sessions and also will be talking about some of our upcoming announcements (can’t talk too much about these yet) 🙂

The great thing about working for a vendor is that you get involved with new products at an early stage and are able to work on these in conjunction with customers to see how they evolve and what features become part of the finally released product.

I’ve had the chance to work with one of these products and it’s WAY simpler than other implementations I’ve designed/deployed and operationally managed, but anyway, more on this in another blogpost…

Here’s a list of the breakout sessions I’m presenting, along with the pavilion sessions (although one of these is still a surprise)…

Breakout session “Consolidate and Converge with FlashStack”.  Tuesday at 14:00, Room 1.  This session discusses necessary aspects of infrastructure for massive consolidation — and some new features from Pure Storage that will help.

Breakout session “Large Scale VDI on FlashStack”.  Wednesday at 16:00, Room 4.  Learn how FlashStack scales to accommodate 5000 or more desktops in a single configuration — with industry leading simplicity and efficiency.

I’ll also be presenting several sessions at the Cloud pavilion covering <a future vSphere integration/capability*>, FlashStack integration with Cisco UCS-Director and Cisco CloudCenter.

There’s a ton of information available this year on upcoming feature releases and more details on our new FlashArray//x and FlashBlade products.  We’ll also be talking more about NVMe and where the technology takes us beyond 2017…  Accelerate is THE place to find out about Pure Storage innovation.

If you have any questions about FlashStack then please reach out to me at @cswaters1.

If you’re attending Accelerate, come and find me!  I’ll be hosting the FlashStack Meetup where I’d really like to hear from customers and partners attending the event what they like about FlashStack and what they’d like to see moving forward?

Looking forward to heading over to California again, should be an awesome few weeks!

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