A New Hope

I’m writing this blog from a hotel room in San Jose after spending about 18 hours flying here from Melbourne Australia…

So, why am I here you might be asking and what’s this blog about, well the first blog I wrote was title “in a galaxy far far away” (fitting with all this may 4th stuff going on). That was about me starting down the Blog road and this blog is about next step in this journey…

Its come to my attention recently that there are some big plays going on in the industry around Cloud (surprise), internal IT departments and the future of the industry. Several colleagues have mentioned about moving into Marketing/sales or looking at service providers these both being new growth industries in IT. For me, continuing being an internal IT admin/engineer/architect for a single company is limiting regardless of how good you are at it or how good the opportunities that come from it, I need more introspection…

I started getting more involved with the community, with VMUG, vCatchup and APACVirtual and increasingly I’ve found that due to this exposure I’ve got to know vendors, integrators and customers equally through these endeavours locally and globally.

So after reaching a concensus with family and seeking advice from close friends in the industry I had my last day at work on Friday 3rd May after being there for over 6 years! Got on a plane on Sunday 5th May to start the onboarding process at Nutanix as a Senior Systems Engineer.

I don’t believe I’m joining the ‘dark’ (vendor/integrator) side – I look, smell and feel the same today as I did before I was welcomed aboard by them… So on that, my intention is to continue my quest as a technologist in sharing my experiences within our community through the same mediums I always have.

As far as APACVirtual is concerned I’m continuing this, I do not believe there is any conflict of interest and I’ve been enjoying the Engineers Anonymous series (the first was Engineer2presales interestingly enough).

As far as vCatchup I’d also like to continue this although it may expand out beyond it current scope (separate blog will explain that).

Then there is the VMUG…

If you know me you’ll know how important building this community has been for me, but in my new role I’m note sure VMUG would allow me to continue to lead the Melbourne VMUG, although I don’t see much of a conflict of interest, having a perspective on the different technologies that make up this ecosystem is important. Regardless of what the outcome of this change will be, I still want to be involved in my local VMUG, I guess we’ll have to see how this evolves.

So that’s what is happening! I start onboarding this week, with a day of meeting the founders, followed by 2 days of sales training and 2 days of technical training.

I hope to try and document some of this process and provide you all this some insight into Nutanix as an organisation and the next steps for me.

Exciting times! Here goes…

6 responses to “A New Hope

  1. Congrats mate. All the best.

    Hopefully VMUG will allow you to stay on and lead, albeit with the committee members keeping a closer eye on what sessions you come up with. (just kidding).

    Looking forward to hearing more about your experience.


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  3. Interesting post as I’m thinking much the same things, bar I’ve not made a change yet. Good luck with the move – I’m a believer in the Nutanix mission, I think you’ve made a good choice. Enjoy!


    • Thanks Ed, would be great to have a chat with you about this more, wouldn’t mind getting a large perspective on these obversations – let me know when you have time for a chat?


  4. Congrats Craig, I am certain this new opportunity will see your horizons expanded and you will gain additional insight into the entire IT lifecycle.

    Enjoy the role, and I look forward to reading about your escapades on the blog !



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